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The One About the Bad Monday

Today is a bad bad Monday. I’m sorry if the only blog posts I write nowadays are rantings but when the feelings get penned up and Twitter’s not long enough to explain, I have to blog. To let it all out.

First up, I received a letter asking me to join a wildlife study next month for three freaking weeks! and they are referring me as an adept ornithologist. I mean say what??? Yeah sure I’ve OBSERVED people doing that (bird survey) for like what? a couple of days? I’ve never done it personally and despite my thesis being on hornbills, I worked with dried/dead specimens. I NEVER had to capture them! and they freaking want me to LEAD the team!

I mean seriously la… what crap is that? As if I’m not busy enough here! They have their own wildlife unit you know. We are pretty much a separate entity from them. Ugh!

Am gonna talk to my boss and see what we can do. But my boss is this freaking pushover that says okay to others too easily. Damn!

Next up, one of my veteran staff in her fifties came to see me this morning to apologize for not being here for the past days. It is her husband’s one year death anniversary tomorrow and since he was previously here too, I understand her pain and sorrow. BUT, she broke down and starting tearing up in front of me! I was like O.o and she just excused herself and went off! I went looking for her but she was gone! Good grief!

Yeah well I did send her an sms and she said she’s okay, etc but that was still scary.

End of my problems? HARDLY.

You know I have been writing weekly articles for my old company BP since I left at the end of March. My ex-boss promised me about RM150 to RM200 per article and after three months, the only payment I received was RM400.

So I emailed her directly this morning. What did she say?

“We have started paying you at RM100 per article starting April 2010. The payment differs from other contributors because the articles are translated. I apologize for the miscommunication on the payment subject.”

I mean seriously, what the shit is that? Does verbal agreement mean nothing any more???

What the eff am I supposed to? I am contemplating quitting that for good. What’s the point of working for a company that can’t keep its promises?

Is RM100 even worth the trouble? Bloody ripoffs.

What should I do? Everything happened within one morning and I’m still trying to digest the info.

Guess this is karma for relaxing too much last week eh?

It is almost 3pm now and I can only think of going home to sleep after work. What’s the chances that I’ll wake up to find out that all these are just part of my nightmare?

I need some energy boosters now. Also, my savings are at an all-time low but I’m expecting my salary to come in some time this week. The BP issue ticks me off really bad and I am glad I didn’t stay behind.

But this doesn’t mean I am in a better place. Out of the frying pan into the fire? But ironically, I will be quite unwilling to let go of the benefits and especially the annual leaves. But other than that, I don’t think there’s anything I would miss too much.

Would love any better job opportunities. Suggestions people?


For the first time ever, I’m blogging from my new toy. Well, technically new since I’ve only had it for a few weeks. It’s fun but I think I’ve barely explored it yet. Tip of the iceberg.

And yes it is 4.25am as I type but I couldn’t wait to try out the wordpress app. Already the autocorrect is annoying me but there are times when it is useful, such as times when I do not type so accurately and still the text comes out correct. Well like duh, what am I talking about?

Anyway, there was an airasia promotion not long ago. I should have just grabbed tickets to Seoul or something but I didn’t. Somehow, I’m going to Taipei next year with my family instead. Go figure. For that same price, I could be looking forward to Seoul. Sad.

Typing on a touchscreen keyboard is alright but might take some getting used to.

My fav game on my new gadget so far? Tap Sonic!

It’s a rhythm-based game as is many others so why did this one stand out? Because the music I mainly Kpop! It is a lot of fun but after a while, you’d feel that the number of songs are quite limited. I wish they have more songs, be it new or old.

Also, you’d need a Korean Apple ID to download it from the app store. It’s free btw but you’d need to purchase points to play, which isn’t that expensive.

Oops getting late. Time to sleep!

I thought the first thing I would do at work today is to finish up my weekly article for BP but I’m not so much in the mood, yet.

I had a wonderful piece of news yesterday but I can’t reveal it here or anywhere else for that matter. And the knowledge of the news gave me motivation to make today a good day, even though I have a meeting with my ex-lecturers in the afternoon.

It’s a little daunting to be sitting down at a meeting room with these people, whom educated (?) and taught us in the past.

My superior and another colleague will also be there so hopefully, the ordeal may be successful.

As for the good news, I can’t even reveal what it’s all about. It is definitely not confirmed yet but it’s heading in the right direction.

Let’s just put it this way.

*tries to think of analogy*

Let’s say a franchise is opening bids/tenders for the first ever store to local operators. It can only mean that the franchise WANTS/INTENDS to open a store in the place/region right? So, there will be a store belonging to the franchise, whoever wins the bids right?

Lol! I know I’m not making any sense. And whatever it is probably won’t bother any of you but will have a huge effect/motivation on me. Feel free to take a guess but I’m not revealing anything Smile with tongue out

Amazingly, as we have never failed to mourn the fast-passing time in the past, it has been a week since I stepped on a plane to KL with all aims to catch 2AM live in person.

While 2AM may not be my most favorite Kpop stars, they are a nice group and they have lovely songs. Technically, they are the first Kpop group I have ever seen in person and I guess I can take this as a lesson/learning step towards meeting many more, hopefully as a representative of the media. Perhaps this is a warm-up towards many more in the future (I hope).

Last week this time, I would have touched down in KL for two hours plus, having arrived in city centre and checked into the hotel, plus lunch at Lot 10 before a short walk in Sungai Wang Plaza.

Went back to the hotel for a shower and short rest before taking the monorail to Sentral. From there, I had to locate Hilton Hotel, which looked near but I had to walk a big round before I reached it. All these was done with my brother, whom I managed to sneak into the press conference in one of the ballrooms in the high class hotel.

I can still remember the “snacks” and refreshments prepared for the press outside the ballroom. I’d hardly call them snacks and refreshments though. But eating at 3.30 to 4pm is odd so I didn’t get to eat much.

Since I didn’t expect to be able to bring my brother into the press con, we did not bring all the camera gear and therefore, the photos are mediocre at best.

The press con started at 4.30pm and the boys of 2AM turned up. Thankfully, this was one of the rare times that our ears were spared from the screaming fangirls, as only representatives of the media were present.

2AM 110519 KL Press Con (22)

It was a pleasant press conference, the first one I’ve been to as well. We left the hotel using a taxi to avoid walking all that way back to the monorail station again. It was drizzling but we did not expect the drizzle to turn into full scale rain a couple of hours later.

We couldn’t go out during the evening due to the rain and the family can’t fit into one normal taxi. So, what did we do? We had KFC take outs near the hotel and ate in the room. That was how we spent our first day in KL.

Now that I looked back at it, the four days (technically three since we left on the morning of the fourth day) seemed rather long, especially with the packed schedules. I think we certainly made the three days last. And of course, it does help that I saw 2AM every of those three days.

Second and third day “adventures” to be continued (when I feel like it).

Okay I feel that I must get this out before I can get any work done.

Normally, I would keep my hands out of people’s business as I simply don’t give a damn. But it was my best friend’s sister’s wedding and they asked for help to get my aunt to decorate the wedding car and prepare the wedding bouquet, corsages, etc.

I mean obviously, they are not obligated to get it from us right? and it’s not like I will be upset if they asked someone else to do it. I mean there’s so many florists in Kuching right?

So fine. For months, I had to correspond with my friend’s sister through email. Even then, she takes forever to reply and it makes things difficult for me as the middle person. It’s not like I’m sitting around waiting for emails.

So yeah. We got the details finalized and everything was done and reconfirmed with photos and all through emails.

During the wedding last weekend, I was in KL so I didn’t attend the wedding either.

Yesterday, her mother came to pay off the amount but complained about the hand bouquet. About how it wilted and was unusable. And how she came to us only because I was friends with her daughter. And how it was unpresentable. And she requested for a refund.

Okay. Put it this way. The wedding was on Saturday. The couple’s friends sent the car over to be decorated on Friday afternoon and they took the car along with the fresh flowers of the bouquet, corsages on the same day. The flowers arrived only a day before and it was still fresh and usable when my aunt used it two days ago.

I trust my aunt on this. The only explanation? The couple’s friends probably left the car under direct sunlight while they “went on a tour of Kuching”. Yes, they brought along a few non-locals and my aunt overheard them.

So now, they claimed they had to replace the bouquet at the Hilton’s florist and they want a refund.

What am I supposed to do? One side’s my aunt, the other’s my best friend’s family.

Ugh! I’m NEVER EVER helping people with stuff like this any more!

I talked to my friend. She’s not aware of it. Fine. I texted her mum. She told me to text her elder daughter (the one who got married) and I did and the text can’t get through.

Eff-ing awesome indeed. So much for being 18 years of friends.

You know what? This two days should have been good days for me. I booked tickets to Taipei for June next year and there’s plenty of other good news but this one simply spoils everything. The fact that I have known the family for years adds oil to fire.

And what’s more. She (the mum) sounded nasty to my grandma. Maybe it’s just the way she talk. I know how she is after so many years but well, I guess my grandma’s just shocked.

Sigh. Now I’m just waiting for a reply from the bride. At most, I’ll just refund them out of my pocket. At most, I’ll just be poorer than I already am since the eff-ing salary isn’t out yet.

I just got back from a four-day trip to KL. Well, I got back yesterday but I was too tired to do anything.

Why did I go? For the first time ever, I used my double identity as a journalist (?) to attend and report from a Kpop event.


It was Kpop group 2AM’s showcase in Malaysia and I attended the press conference on Thursday, autograph session on Friday and finally, the all important showcase on Saturday.

I think it was well worth flying all the way there. And I learnt something important too. Media passes are like heaven to possibly any events. LOL!

Not gonna recap the events here. Writing about it once/twice is enough. The articles are published HERE, HERE and HERE in that order. Also, it was published in the Borneo Post for three days. If you read this today, you might still have time to get the last article in today’s paper.

And yes, I’m gonna try to get media passes for future events (that I’m interested in). Not gonna fly there just for any random stuff. Singapore’s much nearer so I hope there’ll be interesting events there that I can cover now that I have much more leaves to take.

Oh shoot… I was just distracted by other things that I forgot that I’m writing here.

And once again, I was distracted. My colleague came in and talked for a long time.

Anyway, here’s the clippings from the newspapers since Saturday.


You can find more photos in KpopLIVE too. It’s a wonder I managed to upload them all actually.

Some people asked, “Why are you doing this? It’s not like you’re getting paid.”

That’s true. I don’t think I’m getting paid for this.

It’s not so much about getting paid. And it’s not that I LOVE them so much. I like them but not obsessively. Just reasonable.

While they may not be my favorite Korean singers, 2AM is a nice group with lovely songs and goofy but charming people.

If I didn’t manage to get the media pass, I will not be there in the first place even if I have the tickets. It is the media pass that made everything worthwhile.

And it was a fun experience while it lasted. Despite working for a newspaper in the past, I was never a reporter. All I did was stay in the office. Heck, if they sent me out to cover boring news, I’d rather stay in the office.

I went to KL just for this because of the fact that I love Kpop and I had media pass to this event.

And now that I have experience, I can probably choose to cover more similar events in the future.

To some, it might be an obsession. To me, it’s just a hobby and a pastime. What would I do without Kpop now? Life will definitely be mundane with just work. Let’s just say that Kpop colours my life for now.

Nothing wrong with that right?

So, it has been a little over a week since I reported to this place. Still trying to adapt and get used to things here. People’s alright. I am the head of my unit (and yeah ikr, say what?)

Generally, it feels awkward to be any kind of leader since I’m usually the follower (ya get my drift?). It was especially awkward when I had to sit at the head of the meeting table with all eyes on me, expecting me to give a wonderful speech.

So far, everything seems to be okay. So far. A little overwhelmed and lost at the things I have to do but I think I can get used to it in the future. As long as it involves minimal field work *chuckles*

And my brother is flying back from the US today!

Let’s see. He left his campus and headed to New York by shuttle and it took 4-5 hours? Then he waited for hours at the JFK airport. Took the midnight flight, which headed to HK, and arrived about 16 hours later O.o. Stopped over for a few hours before taking a connecting flight from HK to KL. Technically, the HK-KL flight should have just left and will arrive around noon. Then, more waiting until 3pm before he takes on the final leg of his journey back home.

Phew… This is why I am doubting if I’ll ever hop on a plane to go to US, unless I consume sleeping pills and sleep for the entire journey OR we do stopovers along the way. LOL! OR if someone invents a VERY fast plane that can reach the US in a couple of hours. I don’t like travelling, be it by air, land, sea, etc. I just don’t.

So, anyways, I was supposed to see a guy at the HQ yesterday afternoon. I waited for him for hours (fine… an hour) but he didn’t turn up at all! And he had the nerve to call again to tell me to go in one and a half hours. Doesn’t he know how far the office is? Crap!

And also, we’re facing a lot of funding problems. Everyone tells me that but what do you expect me to do? I’m still new and frankly speaking, I don’t even know what to do about that now.

On the other hand, there will be a public holiday on Tuesday next week (I LOVE PUBLIC HOLIDAYS!) and I will be taking leave from Thursday to go to KL over the weekends.

*sounds of plane passing by*

No seriously. I hear planes about every now and then. So sleepy. All I had to do so far was… attend briefings, meetings, seminars, etc. Other than the occasional help out at the specimen collections but we already have staff doing that. But I still feel bad if I do nothing, like now but then again, I have a meeting later.

Oh yeah. I somehow shut the door on my left middle finger last night. I didn’t even shut it with that much force but that excruciating pain brought tears to my eyes IMMEDIATELY and I ran it through cold water, which wasn’t even that cold to begin with, to try to sooth the pain. When that didn’t work, I just used ice. Anyhoo, the finger was numb and a little swollen. Seems alright now but it’s a little sore and typing was quite a chore last night.

Why am I even rambling about random things like these? I’m just waiting to drive off into the sunset to the HQ in about half an hour?

La la la… going to pick up my brother at the airport after work today! Haven’t seen him for 10 months, which isn’t that long but I still miss him around, despite chatting online or skype-ing.

And umm, I couldn’t resist and bought myself a new gadget. It’s not here yet and I feel that time is passing so slowly these days (after I placed the order). It’s only been a week but I kept waiting and anticipating the shipping confirmation email. Sigh… If you deliver it before I fly to KL next Thursday, I will be eternally grateful Smile

Life goes on with my double identities; an research officer AND a Kpop news writer. I do much prefer the latter. If it pays enough to feed me, I’d just sit home and write or attend the occasional Kpop event in Malaysia. Ain’t that the life?

Enough rambling. Time to find something to do? But I don’t feel like facing/entertaining the staff. Yawn…

The One About SNSD’s Mr. Taxi

To celebrate or simply to show my happiness, here’s SNSD’s latest music video of their third Japanese single Mr. Taxi.

I don’t care if you don’t like them or K-pop in general. I don’t care if you judge me because this is my personal space. Whee!

SNSD’s Mr. Taxi

Do watch it in HD, although YouTube makes HD not so Hd. The video was released early this morning while a less HD version was released last night. Yes, I waited for it because I had to write an article about it.

Whoa… I had a little shock when I opened Windows Live Writer and yes that is what I usually use to blog. It seems faster than the website anyway.

So… After what seemed like a VERY VERY long time of worrying, finally making a decision and decided to stick through with it, whatever others may say,


I rejected the offer, posting me to Sibu, and guess what?

They told me to stick around for another week and I did. Today’s the last day of the week and I am offered a job in town!!!! Whee!!!

And it’s only a few miles away from my house!

Technically, the distance didn’t matter. I would be glad to go anywhere here, however far it is from my house.

Whee!!!!!! Now I don’t have to worry about not having a job. Lol

Besides that, I have other good news too!

Other than my parcel arriving from Japan, finally completing my collection, there’s something else. But it is not confirmed until next Thursday so I’ll keep it till then.

OMG… Today is one awesome day. Two phone calls, one delivery. Three continuous good news. I am really thankful for my good luck.

Excuse me while I say goodbye to this place. It has been three long weeks of awfully slow internet in this rotting place.

I am even willing to watch the royal wedding live now. Not that I have so much contempt about it but it doesn’t interest me that much and I think it is ridiculous to camp out for days just to wait for it.

Whee! Now I can spend the 3-day weekends in ecstatic and peace! Phewww… 

For the past three weeks, I have been living like an ostrich, refusing to face the reality until I absolutely have to. Like this week, I just come to work and online and watch videos, etc and go back. Only until today, did I start to worry about it because it is the end of the week.

Whoa… I was expecting to be jobless by the end of today. Goodness. I just can’t express how I feel.

I’ll worry about the details next time, but for the time being, all’s good.

To think of it, if I did not reject the job with objections from everyone, I will not get to stay here. Cause and effect. Thank goodness I stuck through with my decision!

The One About New Turns

*plays f(x)’s Lollipop again*

So much for the huge revelation just now. New turns appeared from my crossroad (read previous post).

With cold hands and feet, I went to the ninth floor to announce my decision while thinking of going home already.

However, I was told to stay for another week while they try to find a non-research post for me if possible. I was like huh? Is that even possible?

Anyway, that’s alright la. Since they already know about my decision to leave, I’ll just linger around here for another week.

I was hoping to make my leave unnoticed just now, with meticulous planning and all. So, I guess I’ll still have to stay.

*scratches head*

I will not get my hopes high again. Whether they find me another job or not.

Time to relax and think of my three-day weekend.

*plays Beautiful Goodbye*

*one min later*

Oh wait… I didn’t mean anything with the song. It’s just a nice ballad that’s all.

I’ll have to pack up soon as the librarian made it clear that she’s gonna leave before 4. Can I?

*trying to pick a random photo*

Ah nvm! I’m too distracted to pick one.

I don’t think I’ve blogged four times in a day have I? This is why we need a Twitter AND a blog!